学生服务 & 资源

陶森大学 offers a wide range of 服务 和 resources that enhance college 所有学生的生活. 你可以 take care of 你的 housing, dining, health 和 business 校园里的需求.

可访问性 & 残疾人服务

可访问性 & 残疾人服务 provides individual 服务 和 facilitates accommodations to students with disabilities. 


你可以 校园银行 at PNC Bank in 的 University Union 和 at 的 SECU Credit Union in West Village 下议院. 自动取款机位于校园周围. 

学生 & 大学开票处

学生 & 大学开票处 provides information on tuition 和 costs, billing, payment plan options, rebates 和更多的. 


如果你 looking for an internship, summer job or a full-time position after college, 的 职业中心 is 的 place to start 你的 search. 


大学幼儿中心, located 在校园, offers an educational program focused on nature 和 的 arts for children ages two through five. 

俱乐部 & 组织

有300多种可供选择 俱乐部和组织 that bring toge的r students with shared interests in 的 arts, sports, politics, Greek life, community service 和更多的. 


如果你 住校外, you’ll want to check out resources designed to help you 找到住房 和 参与 大学生活.


If you need access to multimedia equipment, computers or software for 你的 courses, or just need technology support, contact 学生电脑服务


咨询中心 offers individual counseling, as well as o的r 学生服务, including alcohol 和 drug abuse counseling. 咨询中心的 冥想室 can be booked for individual or group sessions. 


Information for prospective 和 current undocumented students is available, including immigration policy updates 和 金融援助 options. 看到 Frequently Asked Questions about DACA 和 的 Dream Act.


TU students — residents 和 commuters alike — can choose from 18 餐厅的位置 在校园. No matter what time of day or night, you can always find something good 吃.


的 学生多样性中心 offers a variety of student programs 和服务 designed to foster inclusion, collaboration 并建立关系. 


学生 应急资金 和 资源 assist TU students who are experiencing an exceptional financial crisis that impedes 的ir academic progress 和 success.


Paying for college is a big financial commitment. 我们的 金融援助 programs, from grants 和 scholarships to loans 和 student employment, help to keep 负担得起的TU教育. 金融教育资源 are available to help students 和 parents navigate college finances.

Food Insecurity 和 FoodShare Programs

的 Food Insecurity 和 FoodShare Programs are resources for students facing food insecurity issues.


第一代程序 provides first generation college students attending TU with tailored mentoring 和 guidance to foster both academic 和 personal accomplishment.


的 健康中心 provides health 和 wellness 服务 for TU students, ranging from physical exams 和 STD testing to lab 服务 和 smoking cessation counseling. 看到 所有 服务. 你可以 c所有 or make an appointment online weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

健康中心也提供 健康教育 programs 和 resources on sexual health, dating safety, wellness 和更多的. 

住房 & 居住生活

当你 住在校园里, you’ll join a community of students who enjoy living near 的 academic, social, athletic 和 cultural 事件s that take place 在校园 every day. 你可以从 九个 生活学习社区, including 的 Honors 社区, Alcohol-Free 社区 和 的 Global Village.  


International students will find guidance 和 resources at 的 国际学生 & 学者办公室


TU offers a number of resources tailored to 的 needs of mature 和 non-traditional students who may be balancing 的 dem和s of a job or family while pursuing a degree. 

军事 & 退伍军人中心

资源 和服务 for veterans 和 students connected to 的 military are collected 在一个地方 军事 & 退伍军人中心. 


你的 收费 is 你的 university ID card—used to access many university 服务. 拿起你的 at 的 Auxiliary Services 业务 Office in West Village 下议院. 


Permits are required to park a vehicle 在校园 Monday – Thursday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. 周五早上6点开始.m. 到3点.m. 你可以 purchase a parking permit online through 你的 e停车 账户. Different permit types are available to 住宅的学生通勤的学生.  


的 邮局, located in 的 University Union, h和les incoming mail 和 packages for TU students. 


学生 have free access to 所有 校园娱乐 facilities, including 的 fitness center, gymnasiums, pool 和 turf fields. 你可以 sign up for group fitness classes, outdoor trips, intramural sports 和更多的 at 的 TU校园娱乐门户.


陶森大学 航天飞机服务 both on 和 off campus when classes are in session. 辅助客运系统服务 are available to students who require mobility assistance.

学生的责任 & 恢复实践

Office of 学生的责任 & 恢复实践 enforces TU’s “Code of 学生 Conduct.”

学生接触 & 支持(SOS)

学生外展及支援 team helps students navigate 的 university’s processes across a wide range of departments 和服务. 的y provide coordination of care, on- 和 off-campus referrals 和 interventions, 和 assist students in crisis during 和 after an experience or life 事件.


你会发现 大学店 在工会. It’s 的 place to purchase 和 rent textbooks, buy clothing 和 gifts, 和 even schedule repairs for 你的 mobile device.


所有符合条件的学生都可以使用 TurboVote to register to vote, change 的ir registration address, request a mail-in/absentee b所有ot, or receive reminders about upcoming elections. 访问 选民登记 & TurboVote for more voter information, resources 和 opportunities to 参与.