健康 & 幸福

TU is committed to maintaining a healthy campus community. 我们提供很多服务 and programs that promote health and 幸福, and support student success in college 及以后.




社会 幸福 reflects your ability to engage in different types of relationships with others and to have a network and support system of people to rely on. 引人入胜的 in different 活动 that help you meet other people is a hallmark of social 幸福.

  • Spending time with family, friends, and significant others
  • 培养深厚的友谊
  • 积极地与人沟通
  • 欣赏并融入多元文化
  • 花时间建立新的关系
  • Appreciating your community and engaging in acts to help community members
  • 参加校园里不同的俱乐部和组织
  • 在你的社区做志愿者
  • 腾出时间与朋友和家人相聚
  • 主动接触同楼层或课堂上的新朋友



情感 幸福 means to first be in touch with your thoughts and feelings then, possessing the capability to express those thoughts and feelings in a healthy and 有意义的方式.

  • Effectively identifying, managing, and connecting different types of emotions
  • 接受和表达情绪
  • 接受改变
  • 尊重他人的情感健康
  • Having confidence in independence, but also being confident in asking for assistance
  • Express thoughts and feelings in a thoughtful and positive way
  • 发展应对和恢复能力
  • 应对生活中的挑战
  • Spend time with friends and families who help you feel positive
  • 了解你的极限
  • Reach out to a counselor for help if you are feeling stressed or anxious
  • 参加让你感到自信的活动
  • 练习放松技巧,比如冥想
  • 不要压抑自己的感情
  • Be confident in denying new projects so that you do not become overwhelmed



知识 幸福 is expanding upon and building new knowledge by engaging in creative and stimulating mental 活动 that expand your capabilities and skills.

  • 制定四年内毕业的学术计划
  • 设定学术目标
  • 批判性地思考,寻找创造性的方法
  • 保持好奇心和直觉
  • 对新想法和新经历保持开放的心态
  • 和你的学术顾问安排一次会面
  • Schedule a meeting with a professor or a tutor session for a challenging class
  • Schedule a virtual meeting with your Subject Librarian to assist with project research
  • 加入不同的俱乐部和组织
  • 参与服务学习
  • 每天早上看新闻
  • 定期上课并参与讨论
  • Choose electives different from your major that are interesting to you



精神上的 幸福 refers to your understanding of the purpose of life, your core values and connection to something greater than yourself.

  • Acknowledging that your values and beliefs change over time
  • 寻找意义,找到你的原因
  • 感觉与他人和世界相连
  • 尊重和尊重他人的信仰和价值观
  • 寻求平静、感恩和耐心
  • 与精神领袖或你信任的人交谈
  • 写下每天让你感恩的事情
  • 参与冥想和个人反思
  • 为你生命中重要的人腾出时间
  • 出去走走,欣赏这个世界



金融 幸福 means being aware of your income, 费用, spending, and overall 财务状况. Actively working towards financial stability, monitoring day to day 财务状况, and setting financial goals are elements of financial literacy.

  • 监控和核算你的每月开支 
  • Finding a balance of meeting your financial obligations and having fun
  • 对自己的钱负责
  • Practicing positive financial saving and spending behaviors
  • 把薪水的一部分存起来
  • 调整价值观与支出
  • 通过财务决策进行思考
  • 减少债务
  • 考虑申请奖学金
  • One size does not fit all - create an itemized budget to manage and track your monthly 费用
  • 引人入胜的 in opportunities to increase your financial literacy like saving, reducing 债务和预算 
  • 使用一个应用程序来帮助跟踪你的支出
  • When possible, holding funds for an emergency fund or savings
  • Manage financial stress by exploring strategies to apply for grants and decrease debt
  • Explore a plan to pay off debt in an intentional and structured way



物理 幸福 focuses on the awareness of things that influence or impact your 整体健康. This includes 活动 to keep your body healthy, listening to your body’s needs as you grow and mature, eating well, exercising regularly, and seeking 当你生病或受伤时提供帮助.

  • Making appointments at the health center when you are feeling sick
  • Acknowledging and engaging in movement and/or higher-level physical activity
  • Engage in disease prevention through vaccination and engaging in safe sex practices
  • 选择有营养的食物
  • 练习减压技巧
  • 意识到并管理慢性病
  • 避免经常食用加工食品
  • 保证充足的睡眠  
  • 全天都要喝水
  • Always use protection and communicate with your intimate partner



职业 幸福 means focusing on a job or career path that provides you with the opportunity to build your skillset(s) while fulfilling your goals and aspirations 在你职业生涯的那个阶段. 设定合理的工作期望并积极参与 meaningful professional relationships with your co-workers and supervisor are essential 职业健康的要素.

  • Set reasonable boundaries as workloads and work-related demands change
  • 参与服务机会
  • 在你的工作中找到意义和快乐
  • 接受新的机会
  • Take advantage of 幸福 work 活动 and programs
  • 探索各种职业选择
  • 在就业中心预约一下
  • 追求实习 
  • 做一个技能和优势评估
  • 制定职业规划
  • Connecting with professional associations and professional networking like LinkedIn



环境 幸福 is the recognition of the interconnected relationship between 你自己和你周围的世界. 这标志着你有意识地意识到你的 impact on the environment; a focus on opportunities to engage in sustainable actions; and your creation of spaces in the neighborhoods where you live, places that you work, and places that you study that helps you reach your goals.

  • 安排和维护你的个人空间  
  • 尊重你的邻居和你周围的世界 
  • 引人入胜的 in and having an awareness of how to integrate sustainability into your daily 活动 
  • Enjoying time outside in nature and understanding how it connects to your overall 幸福
  • Protecting yourself and the environment from hazardous materials
  • 保持房间和浴室整洁有序 
  • 购买并使用可重复使用的水瓶
  • 减少纸制品的使用量
  • 回收!
  • 离开房间时把灯关掉
  • 花时间在户外
  • 从当地农贸市场购买新鲜食品
  • 步行、骑自行车或拼车去学校